I never thought
I’ll be this special for you
A girl whose love a love that’s so true
Baby every time I hold you never wanting to let loose

What you are to me
You’re everything
The only one I hold
You’re my precious you’re my only angel
The only one that I can’t let go

You instead
With you within my heart
Even though girl
Where it gets us apart
Ever since you came into this life of mine
You make my life, so divine

I’m so addicted in life with you
And only you, and only you
So afraid (so afraid)
To let you go (to let you go)
A girl in need (a girl in need)
That’s so special


You never understand
How much it means to me
To be your man
To love eternity
To hold you next to me

You give me your reason to love again
(You give me your reason to love again)


Remember, our nights
Fulfill the dreams the star Lights
Is a memory I’ll treasure forever
Our precious times we spent together
I’m glad to have you in my life
One day I’ll hold you to be my wife
Until the day arrives
I don’t ever want to say good bye

(Chorus 2x)

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