Thats Where I Want To Be
Written By: Lil Yoshi

Verse 1:
I see youre face panited in mind
I think of you every single day
I sit alone to watch the setting sun
I cry alone in the pouring rain
I sleep alone in a long to be
In your loveing as I cant wait to be

Thats where I want to be(2x)
Thats where my heart belongs(2x)
In your arms(2x)
Thats where I want to be

Verse 2:
I hear your voice whispeared in the winds
I feel your touch every time the wind blows
I stand alone at the edge of the world
I wait for you no matter how long
I sleep alone but I dream of you
Holding me tight in your arms

Thats where I want to be
In your arms
Thats Where I Want to Be!

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