I could’ve said I love you in a million ways

To make you understand what I’ve got to say

Sometimes the words don’t come so easily

So close to you, yet so far away


So take my hand

Just let me show you how much I love you

I’ll give you love

Before the night is over you will discover

I’m the one for you for you


Lub ncauj hais tsis tau cov lus xav nyob hauv nruab siab

Kuv mam li nrhiav lum yam los qhia tias kuv hlub tiag

Tej zaum kuv ua tsis tau rau li koj lub siab xav

Kuv xav hais rau koj, koj yog kuv ib puas tsav yam

Chorus 2

So take my hand

Kuv yuav qhia rau koj hais tias kuv hlub koj

I’ll give you love

Hmo no ua ntej thaum kaj ntug, tus neeg uas kuv hlub

Koj yog tus rau kuv


In my life, I’ve been longing for someone

To take away my fear of being alone

You’re the one I’ve been praying for to come

Don’t wanna lose you now and forever more

Repeat chorus 2

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