Here I am all alone
Just watching the days as it rains
Cause that’s how I feel inside my heart
Every since the day you left
Walked out of my life
So hard to live without you here
I’m just wasting my life away
I wish could turn back time to that day
I would never let you go
I swear

So what am I suppose to do live without you
I tried moving on living like we never met
Well, I can’t do that cause I can’t let you go
It’s not like something that you can put away and forget

Wont you come back
I will set things right
Let us put away the past and start again
I’ll put you first and treat you right
And never let you down
I swear


What am I suppose to do
Live without your love
Well I can’t do that
Cause I need you in my life
And I still need your love
Cause my heart is aching baby
Wont you come back
Come back and make things right


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