I’m standing all alone
I don’t know where to turn
But I’ll find my way someday I’ll get away
(I swear I’ll get away from you)
Cause I’m fed up with the lies you tell
Don’t wanna live my life your way
The way you want me to live my life

I wanna scream out your name
Say you’re to blame
I wanna curse out your name
Say you’re to blame

I’m gonna break these chains you hold on me
I’m gonna see the sky again
I’m gonna crawl if that’s what it takes to see the light
I’m gonna break free and be what I want to be

Every time I look back into my life
I see myself so dark and grey like the sky
But that’s in the past and I can’t deny
It still haunts from day to day
Can’t get it out, get it out of my head

Chorus 3x

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