Sitting in the candlight
Wishing you a happy birthday
But you’re not here with me
It’s been a year since that tragic moment
You left this world leaving me behind
It was 10 o’clock at night
We were on our way home
Someone didn’t stop, it was too late to save you
You were gone by the time help came by

I wish you were here
I wish you still alive
I would be so glad if you were here with me
I wish you were here
To hold me tight
The way we used to hold each other late at night

Sleeping all alone
Holding your pillow tight
But you’re not coming back
Years have gone since fate took you away
You left this world leaving me behind
Letting all years go by as I sit and wait for that day
I see your face and hold your hand in mine
Till that day I will see you again

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