Some say its not over til its over
But I guess its really over now.
Theres something I gotta say before I let you go
Here it goes

(verse 1)
Every time he breaks your heart
You would hit me up and say
That Im the only man who knows how to treat you right
And so I comfort you but right right right away
You go back to him and make the same damn mistakes
Girl I was always there to care for you when you were down
Dont say that friends are all that we are ever gonna be
Cut out the drama
Come to me, I know you wanna
Girl I know thats what we both dream of

Baby, please dont take his hand and leave me here
Cause you should be my lady, come with me and wipe away those tears

Once the music ends you will take a vow to be with him forever
But you know Im the man who you want to be with for the rest of your life
Dont put on that wedding dress
Girl dont put on that wedding dress
(Its not me next you)
Dont put on that wedding dress, oh no

(verse 2)
Memories that we have shared
Songs that I sang before
All the sleepless nights we spent talking on the phone
Melodies inside my head are your your yours alone
And now baby its time for you to come home
Dont you remember how you told me that Im your first love
Well baby you should know that I just want the best for us
Girl this is so wrong
And Ive held this in for too long
I pray that you will leave him and come home

Wish that I could take your hand
Look into your eyes again
Id tell you a thousand times how beautiful you are to me
And all the things that I shouldve done and shouldve said but I never did
please let me tell you now

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