Verse 1:
Now the sun shines but I’m shrouded in darkness
Too much pain inside to speak of hate
My eyes blood shot from painful tears,
What I wouldn’t do to see you here.
Kuv nyiam thaum koj hais tias koj hlub kuv tiag
Tiam sis koj muab koj lub siab pub rau peb tag
God can take what he makes, he can do what he do
All said and done, I still miss you…

Yog koj hlub nws ces tso nws mus
tuav nws lub npe hauv koj lub nruab siab
Thaum koj nco nws ces ntsia saum ntuj
So koj kua muag vim tseem tshuav kuv

Kuv lub siab yeej tsis kheev koj mus, yeej tsis kheev koj mus,
cia li ncaim mus.
Vim tias txhua hnub txhua hmo, kuv tseem nco koj
Kuv hlub koj

Verse 2:
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
An inner conflict inside me that wants to distrust
Where everything fades to black, it’s the memory of you
that brings me back. Now you never spoke of love
because you never needed to.
You relied on silence because your actions spoke truth.
And now that you’re gone, I miss you.

When I’m ail alone, the only one left, All I have is my solitude.
When no one can be taken away anymore.
This is where I find my peace.
Where I prav and reminisce on memories.
Thoughts of future destinies.
And though you’re gone I know you’re by my side.
He said that if you follow you will never die.

Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Bridge

It’s the alpha the omega the beginning and the end
that makes my life complete
This sweet air that I breathe
Too many times we say that we will. Too many times
we deny that we steal.
And with you gone I’m gonna miss you.
You’re there and I’m here, but I’m with you.

Kuv xav tuav koj tes, kuv xav nyob ze koj
Kuv xav hnov koj lub suab txhua hnub txhua hmo
Kuv xav tuav koj tes, kuv xav nyob ze koj.
Kuv tseem tshua txog koj txhuav hnub txhua hmo

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