When I lay my eye on you,
I’ll be hoping that someday will come true,
You’ll be in my arm,
Someday someway,
I’ll try to make it right,
Even If I had to take the star to the sky,
I’ll be all for you,
Cause I’m deeply falling for you

(repeat #1 begin)

It all started out when I first saw you,
You were the best of the god creation,
The beauty more than the master piece,
A women that’s made just for me,
You’re like the sun and I’m just the moon,
Who is waiting for your love to come soon,
Someday someway,
Baby every time when I see your pretty face,
As long as my heart can never erase,
So why won’t you just give me your hand,
And I’ll show you everything so that you’ll understand that I,
I’m the man for you,
Who will treasure your love,
And take it to the cloud above,
Give it to god so that he can agree,
That you and me girl,
We were meant to be,
We were meant to be,
Someday Someway

(repeat #1 end)

I’ll give it all to you,
I’ll promise I’ll be true,
I’ll give it all to you

Baby every time when I wanna say hi,
But I always end up with just saying good-bye,
I don’t wanna say good-bye,
I wanna be with you tonight,
Hold you in my arm,
Be by your side,
I wanna be your lover,
I wanna discover,
If you and me girl should ever be together,
Damn, I’m just trying my best,
To prove to you women,
That I’m better than the rest

(repeat #1 now)

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