Shake it to the right shake it to the left
Shake it to the right to the left to the right
Just shake it…shake it…can you shake it…oh yeah

Verse 1:
Hey put the love aside and come on to the dance floor
And I’ll show you what it’s all about
ONO’s got the stage and they got you dazed
Cause they know what you want…what you wanna do…what you wanna hear
Step into the dance floor and I’ll show you what I mean
ONO’s gonna make this flow cause you know…I know…everybody knows
That ONO will always make it hot like they say, like they say
So come on to the dance floor you don’t need to think twice
Once is enough to decide what you want, what you want to do

So come on to the dance floor and shake it like that
Yeah…yeah…shake it to the right…shake it to the left
Can you shake it to the beat oh yeah…that’s the way…uh huh
Shake it like that…I like it when you shake it like that…yeah yeah
Don’t stop, keep it up…shake it all around…oh yeah…that’s the way uh huh
Let me see you shake…shake…shake it like that…oh yeah…yeah…yeah…
Shake it like that

Verse II:
Hold on to yourself cause it’s not gonna end like this
Keep your body moving up and down…back and fourth all the way around
Don’t stop don’t stop keep it going non stop…can you feel it oh yeah can you feel it
Got you in the trance now…can you feel it
Don’t you ever be afraid cause this feelings for real
Let it overcome your body cause it’s so natural
Move the way you wanna move don’t you think about the other people
Individuality is the way I like it oh yeah

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