LP Set Me Free

Tell the beat of my heart
Set me free from the world
Light a place for my soul
Take me high where I can soar
I just want to be release from my pain
Set me free

Girl Ill set you free
This LP (Remix)
Girl Ill take you away from all this pain
Misery in this life yes its insane
But think about it just you and me
Roaming in this world living life freely trust me
Ill be there for you
Whenever you need me I will keep it true
Set you free in this hard life
Them hard nights
Be there to wipe your tears
And tell you its alright aite
Feel me
Girl you could be my angel
And I could be yours
Take you to a place faraway in the poors
Do what I can to make you happy
Still put a smile on your face
When your mad at me
Im not what you want girl
Im what you need
Here to be your superman
Here to set you free
Im above the fresh air
When you cant breathe then
Im the reason here why you here
Look when your breathing
As long as I get back what I get
Imma always be yours as long as I live

This world so cold I can’t hold on to life
Tell me why my people wanna cry
I try so hard to make the best of me
All I ask is to set me free

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