sitting here in the dark
thinking way from the start
how you change my life
just by one simple smile
you gave me all your trust
and all the love
was always there but i didn’t see

sitting here all alone
all the love i should of shown
knowing you love me so
but then i didn’t know
now you’re out of my sight
i realize
i let my angel fades away

i cry each night
cause i didn’t take the chance
my life has changed
so much
since you have gone away
i cant go on this way

now i’m loosing control
i know there is no hope
its too late for me
to say the words
i love you

i was such a fool to have lost you
it hurts so much to be all alone
without you

now i know
that there is no second chance
and know that i could do
is wish you the best

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