Mi Noog English Version

Verse One:
Maybe…. I might be crazy…
But this is when, I draw the line
I said, To myself
this is the last time you’ll see me cry
As I walk away, I get this feeling
deep inside me
so hard to breath

If I, were gone, so far away
If I were gone tomorrow, would you notice
Don’t you know that
Baby, don’t you know that
if you have me walk out of that door
then darling I’ll be gone, Forever

Verse Two:
Baby, you said maybe
we could try, just a little more time
but I said, I say to you, hunny
I can’t lie to myself, anymore

Well it seems, that we’ve reached,
the end of the road
baby don’t you know, it’s time
it’s time…….
Don’t be afraid, you’ll be okay
it’s time…….
for letting go, forever…..

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