Talk Intro:
This song is dedicated to that special person in my heart
You’ve made such a difference in my life
And I wanna take this time to tell you how I feel
So let this song be my voice and carry it to your heart
And there may you realize how much you mean to me
No one will ever compare to you cause the one in my heart
And I love you

Verse 1:
Baby, I can still remember the first time we met each other
On that sunny Saturday afternoon
I was standing there and then you walk past
Then I said “WOW! who’s that good looking girl?”
Gosh, I wish I knew her name
So I asked, “Baby, what’s your name?”
That’s when I knew I found you

It’s your love that’s so incredible
The way smile, the way you say my name
It’s your love that makes me happy
The way you talk, the way you make me feel

Verse 2:
As I look into our past I can see the love we had
The memories, the times we shared we cared
Those will be forever in my heart
I’ll cherish them until the day I die
Until that I’m gonna be with you
To love you, to hold you, to be there by your side
There I will be forever in your heart
I’ll cherish you until the day I die


Baby, I never thought that I would ever find you
I’ve always dreamed of a person like you to come along
Finding someone like you is so hard
And now that you’re in my life, I’m never gonna let you go

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