Verse I:
Every night when I’m laying in my bed
And I hear the clock tick
Not a moment passes by that I don’t think of you
When I close my eyes and I fall asleep
I dream of you holding me in your arms

Every time when I think of you
I hear your voice and I think of how much
How much I miss you baby
When I look into my heart
I find you there then I realize that I’m in love with you

I dream of you I know it’s true
You’re my baby girl
I want you now but I don’t know how
I need your touch to feel your heart
Cause I’m in love with you
I need you girl I miss you much
Cause I’m in love

Verse II:
Thaum kuv xav txhog koj ua rau kuv zoo siab
Vim koj hlub kuv ib leeg thiab kuv nco koj xwb
Thaum kuv nyob ib leeg es kuv hnov koj lub suab
Koj hais rau kuv tias kuv yog koj tus

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