I Want To Say I Love You
Written by: Lil Yoshi

Verse 1:
From the first time I laid eyes on you
You, You stole my heart away
Ever since that day(echo)
I’ve dream of holding you when will that
Day come from the first time I saw you
There you, you have those angel’s eyes
How can I forget(echo)
The way you smiled at me, and how you
make me feel that day

I want to say I love you
I want to be with you
Cause every night and day all I’m
Thinking of is you I find it heart to tell
You of this feelings inside my heart
Cause every time I try all my words
Just seems to fad away

Verse 2:
Now you are there on the other line
You, you sound so sweet I want to
Tell you but I can’t cause I’m afraid of you
And waht you might have to say
From then till now, I have never said a word
Because I’m so afraid to let you know(echo)
I dont know what to say or how am I to start(echo)
To open up my heart and let you know

Verse 3:
I, I find it hard to let you know
But this feeling inside my heart I want to say(echo)

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