Died for Love
Written by: Lil Yoshi

Verse 1:
She sat in the dark alone with his letter
She try moving on but her heart keeps
On holding on girl theres no need to
Hold on just let it go and set yourself
We’re not meant to be cause we can’t
Together so let us be apart and our ways
That night she cry on her bed no one knew
her phem(bad) she took her life died for love
For the men that she so dearly love

Verse 2:
He set by her grave alone with her
Picture frame he try moving on but his
Life cant be the same girl I’m so sorry
I didn’t know how much you love me
But if I could trun back the hands of
time to save you that night he cry on
His bed no one knew how much he
Blame himself he took his life died
For love for the girl that he so dearly love

Ending: la la la la la la la la la

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