LP Appreciation

I want yall to open your eyes and see the suffering
My peoples cry for help but all you hear is mumbling
You dont wana believe then you think is all false
But its all true facts you can tell by the results
Genocides been happening overseas in Laos
My peoplez getting killed then theres no way out
They try to wipe out the whole race and for what reason?
Because we help them then you was Vietnam believing that
They return the favor soon after the war
Took some to the US but left many more
The ones who are left are the ones getting killed
My peoples cant retaliate cause then they cannot steal
They treat us like animals aim and shoot
The womens getting rape treating worse than prostitute
They take the girls to the base and let the soldiers fuckem
After that they cut the bodies pour some lime and die soapem

For what yall been through we appreciate
Yea yea yea yea

This type of shit this type of shit jus wana go all out and get crazy again

With a lil piece between the cribs and bloodz
With a lil groupy love we could finish this war
But im gona maintain
Im gona do my thing
Be one stick together get money make a change
The war never end for those left behind
Sometimes I wonder are they dead or alive
If it never do happen for chaufab
In this life or the next Imma never stop
They never wouldve thought we come this far
from running the jungles into driving cars
Ill boot up the name ill represent the hmong is H.M.O.N.G dont spell it wrong

(4x)For what yall been through we appreciate
Yea yea yea yea

Did your lord did your out gone open your mouth
Keep your hands up it aint over yet
Hmong people dangerous dont forget everything happens for a reason
Everything brings pain us and death only push us to shoot
Anything and everything around us is the truth
And the life cry out chaufab (jungle in hmong)
While walking through the jungles in the shadows of laos
Squeezing triggers in your mouth

Its no fairy tale
Speaking on the real
Lie and get u kill
The truth gona sell
Dont sleep on this cause u never heard of us
We the cold blooded murderer CIA serve us
This is not mysterious Im so serious
Luckily yes I could be a genius
Understand the language I speak in English
The concrete jungle while was sworn in a trouble

(4x)For what yall been through we appreciate
Yea yea yea yea

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