Verse I:
Tell me what to say and tell me what to do
To make you stay I wanna be with you
Cause you got what I’ve been searching for
All my life for a girl like you to come along
And stay with me to be my love

Girl what would it take to be your loving man
And do I stand a chance against a girl like you
Huh…I don’t know it’s hard to tell cause
And I can’t really read your mind
So help me out and let me know how you feel alright

Boy…you’re just my kind of guy
I’ve been searching for all my life
You’ve got all I need and all that I could ask for
You don’t have to think twice
Cause I’ll always be your girl
To make you understand and see
That finding someone there
Inside your heart can be so hard

Verse II:
Am I the one to take your hands
Am I the one to win your heart
Am I the one you seek inside your heart
Am I the one
Am I the one that makes you see
Am I the one that takes your breath away
Am I the one you find inside your heart
Am I the one

Verse III:
You’re my dreams come true
Now that you’ve made me see
All the love you gave to me
I’ll always keep them in my heart
Near and dear so don’t you worry girl
Don’t you ever fear cause I’ll be here
Till the end of time I’ll see you through

Through our loving times and the moments yet to come
The promises we make that unfolds our love
Together we will be lovers till the end of time
You and I will always be as one never two
One heart and one soul

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