Do you remember how we used to laugh
The simple days just you and me
We’re laying out in the sun just letting the moments pass by
Oh what I thought that we would be apart like we are now
So much in love, we were inseparable

And now you’re standing there
Face again with the same old choice
That left us the way we are with nothing left in our hearts

Should I turn away
Should I, should I take your hands
And have the life I want
Or drown in my own tears
Regret letting you go
A second time

Do you remember those warm summer nights
Holidng you up on the hills
We’re wishing on stars
Said that we’ll never part
I really miss you since you’ve been gone
All those lonely nights
Felt so chained up locked inside of my room



Yuav ua zag twg
I’m so confused
Tau ib qho los tseem plam ib qhov
Thaum kuv tuav koj txais tes
Lub siab sov so
Tso koj mus kiag kuv hlub siab hnov no

Nsthe yog txoj hmoo
It’s meant to be
Ntuj thiaj pub wb los
Sib ntsib ntawm qhov no
Giving us a second time to choose our fate and destiny

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