I know that starting over is never easy
But I won’t blame you for her mistakes
If you’ll promise never to hold his against me

You’ve got scars, well, I’ve got mine too
Let’s compare and I’ll tell you who’s had it worst
You could go first or should I?
Which do you prefer, Honey?

You decide, because it’s all the same to me

You say, what do I know I’ve never felt it before.
Well, I’ve never felt this alive
But I could tear down your pictures which decorates my walls
If that’s what you want
This could be the beginning, of something beautiful
This life is yours for the taking, so take it and please save me

You decide, because it’s all the same to me

You know I never thought I could ever replace what you have lost
At least now I can say that I gave it my all
I knew it wouldn’t be enough
So I’m leaving this up to you
Whether you save this or not, it’s your call
Because all I’ve got is already out and on the table
Do you really have to question my intensions?
Haven’t I made them clear?
How can I fake this? I cannot fake this.

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