[Male] :

Thirty years of war
Persecuted and scorned
Behind enemy lines
A small child is born
What will he live for
Fighting for the rest of his life
Gunshots, chemical bombs or sliced with a knife
Shrapnel within flesh
Children poisoned to death
Defend the villages
Soldiers killed in combat
A contract that’s been cracked
Split up, attacked with no tracks

And they only fight back
For survival reasons
And they wish to the sky
For the will to keep breathing
The jungles are a prison
Scarred into our visions
Now I want you to listen
‘Cause our people have risen
Starving for any meal
They kept it concealed
Their blood spills all over the rice fileds

A tragic massacre
Of tears and emotions
That can flood the Mekong River
To be an ocean
Our people are suffering
And time is running out
I see my mother working late again
Father holding paper 10’s
Drama on the corner
We ignore but we relate to them
Stay within the circle
Representin every state we in
Penetrate the system

Now the prison wants to take us in
Listen to my elder folks
Cousin loves to sell his smoke
Sister’s in the kitchen
Cookin’ breakfast to the smell of smoke
Flea market weekends
Sleepin’ sixty minutes to two hours
Been working overtime
Ain’t had no time to take a shower
Family business slow
Still on the go
Blow for blow we slug it out
Against the winter and snow

Ever since existence
We have been survivors neglected
Never claimed a country
Just want to live and let live
Now it’s been thirty years
Since imprisonment in the jungle
For the Hmong
Remind your elders
And educate the young
Laotion government, genocide
Human rights and violation

Clock is running down
To total annihilation
Lift a finger now
Stop procrastinating
Save a child, save a mother
Throw your clock and watch away
The time is now
Stop searching for time
Time is running out
Stop searching for time
The time is now

[Female] :

Don’t let our people die
Save our people
Save our people, go
Listen to their cries, voices of sorrow

[Male] :

Another dying relative
Sleepin’ life away like a sedatiave
Death is interactive
Don’t it make you feel relative
Children feelin’ negative
Repetitive survival mode
Spirits from the old
Neglected perspective shows
If we let it

The mind stays infected so
Memories repress it
Mothers’ fetuses die
Hold your chin high
Let the wind dry your eyes
Here we go
Levitate, aggravate, penetrat
Let ’em hate

Escalate what you know
Mental state gotta grow
System teach you to fear
Being bold
Hmong people on the go
Dying slow so
Do the math with me
Subtract morality, add fatality
Divide broken pride
Equals America lied

Tears blur our visions
So we listen to the violence
She could be the silence
Or the sirens
Divide in corner streets
Fight for the air we breathe

Tears we see
Families we grieve
This is disgusting
Must it
Wipe a life or two
Fallen soldiers, yesterday’s news
Father’s in the grave
Nobody left to fill his shoes

Wake up to gun shots
Silence is just a dream
Wake up to gun shots
Silence is just a dream
Wake up to gun shots
Silence is just a dream
Wake up to gun shots
Silence is just a dream ..

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